QUESTION #1 - It's snark season!

A moment of preparation before I pose your first question. Each of the 8 questions in this assessment will have 7 answers -- simply CLICK on your answer of choice, and the answer link will whisk you to your next stop. 

There are 1,798,465,042,647,412,146,620,280,340,569,649,349,251,249 possible answer combinations, so it is paramount you keep track of your answers as you go, lest the sheer volume of possibilities drive one of us mad -- most likely, me. You may take the assessment as many times as you like to see if another pass produces a different outcome. 

The image/video on each linked answer page is captioned with one of the following symbols: ~!~, ~+~, ~#~, ~^~, ~%~, ~=~, ~*~. Make note of the symbol that accompanies each of your answers. These symbols are key to divining your element druthers. (Images without captions do not represent answers.) 

Here is an answer worksheet for your use, should it prove handy.
And here is a sample of how to use it.

Now, if you are ready to commence, lace your fingers together, and with palms facing away from you stretch your arms out straight ahead. Disengage your fingers and shake out your hands.
Here we go with question #1 ...

It's snark season! What do you take with you on the hunt to ensure you emerge victorious?
Clarity note: The symbols you seek are on the pages linked as answers. You must click on one of the linked answers above to be taken to the next page where you will find a symbol captioned below that page's image.