HRu hule huli! I've placed you in Aether, the soul element. With the motto just love, Aethereans are the purest beings in the omniverse. Being an Aetherean is rarely a state one is born into, but rather, a state one works up to. Aethereans possess powers are in the mental realm, and sadly, these powers are sometimes misused for personal gain or with evil intent. When an Aetherean transcends corporeality, they are no longer tangible on the physical plane.

The following is an element overview pulled from the pages of the Piddlypedia welcome circular given recruits at the commencement of their Appraisement Cycle.
  • Residence Description: Locations unknown, often in the firmament
  • Estate Colors: Rainbow, purples, pinks
  • Symbol: Prism
  • Representative Entity: The cosmos
  • Original Denizens: Sprites, angels, sages
  • Sports & Recreation: Mental hopscotch, time-twisting, synchronicity, peek-a-boo
  • Mascot: Will-o’-the-wisp
  • Favored Foods: Ambrosia, Angels food cake, Nectrus (liquid light), dark or mint chocolate, afternoon tea, tapas
  • Musical Instruments of Choice: Soul song
  • Mode of Communication: Being clairvoyant in a variety of ways, Aethereans rarely need to rely on words to convey thoughts, feelings, or information. They most often rely on telepathy, empathy, their moral compass, song, and humor
  • Estate Brink: Not applicable, they go where they please
Aethereans tend to make exceptional 
Quantum Physicists
Interdimensional Tour Guides

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