HRu hule huli! I've placed you in Aquis, the water element. With the motto unstoppable ~ unquenchable, Aquins are a force of nature. They are known to take on noble causes and fight for them. They are very conscious of the effect human lifestyles are having on the planet and tend to volunteer to help, doing things such as beach cleanup, blowing up whaling boats, that sort of thing. They are often frustrated by the inability of those above sea level to comprehend the and respect the differences of life under the sea, and they find themselves torn between both worlds. Naiads (fresh water Aquins) are much more easygoing than their saltwater relatives.

The following is an element overview pulled from the pages of the Piddlypedia welcome circular given recruits at the commencement of their Appraisement Cycle.
  • Residence Description: In general, Aquins like to live on ships or in domiciles under the sea. At the ocademy, air-breathing Aquins live in rooms resembling  ship cabins. Submersed  rooms have recently been added at the request of the mer community
  • Estate Colors: Turquoise, seafoam green, white, silver, various blues; coral during the jaliluum (holidays)
  • Symbol: Wave
  • Representative Animal: Kelpie or blue whale
  • Original Denizens: Naiads, merfolk, kelpies, selkies, and humans with saltwater in their veins
  • Sports & Recreation: Surfing, Squallix (See Sheffield’s masterpiece, Irrefutable Rules, for description and details), competitive sand sculpting
  • Mascot: Undine
  • Favored Foods: Saltwater taffy, sushi, pearls (mints in oyster shells), sorbet, ice cream, hardtack
  • Musical Instruments of Choice: Whale song, Conch shell, glass-rimming
  • Mode of Communication: Handwritten notes using dried seaweed sheets, squid ink, and quills made from lionfish spikes or kelp bulbs. Long distance communiqu├ęs are sent via message in a bottle. Dolphins handle the quick deliveries to the ports. Urban deliveries are conducted by alligators via the sewer systems
  • Estate Brink: Waterfall
Aquins tend to make exceptional 
Deep sea divers
Mariners (especially Pirates)
Aquarium staff 
Pearl Divers
Environmental activists

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