HRu hule huli! I've placed you in Arbis, the wood element. With the motto Go Deep ~ Reach High ~ Be fruitful, Arbins tend to be highly intelligent and analytical with a keen sense of practicality. They are good at problem-solving and tend to have dry humor. While they enjoy time with friends and family, for balance, they need to make time to be alone as well. 

The following is an element overview pulled from the pages of the Piddlypedia welcome circular given recruits at the commencement of their Appraisement Cycle.
  • Residence Description: Tree houses, preferably. Surprising to some, Arbins will often choose to live in log cabins constructed from the fallen limbs of their ancestors
  • Estate Colors: Greens, khaki and gold; in fall they tend to favor orange, red, yellow, and even purple
  • Symbol: Tree
  • Representative Animal: Clouded leopard, bear
  • Original Denizens: Arbora, dryads, and satyrs
  • Sports & Recreation: Archery, darts, Scampering (see Sheffield’s Alternative Athletics & Other Disportations for description and details)
  • Mascot: Arborum (a wild nomadic tree as opposed to a domesticated Grover that prefers to put down roots and stay put)
  • Favored Foods: Bark candy, maple syrup, coconuts, bananas, citrus, nuts, nuts, and more nuts. Arbins are known for making a delicious maple mead. All the best pecan pie recipes were created by Arbins
  • Musical Instruments of Choice: Woodwinds, didgeridoo, xylophones, woodblocks, rustling leaves
  • Mode of Communication: Arbins write on tree bark using sap and
    porcupine quills; deliveries are made by brachiating gibbons. Additionally, the lost art of yodeling was used until last century
  • Estate Brink: Tree branch 
Arbins tend to make exceptional 
Bee keepers
Telephone pole technicians
Carpenters & fine furniture craftsmen
Guitar manufacturers
Trapeze artists
Tightrope walkers

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