HRu hule huli, and welcome to IGNIS, the fire element. With the motto spark of life, Ignis is the most passionate of the elements. Ignins tend to be fun-loving, adroit at partying, willing to fight for what they believe in, and basically live life to the fullest. For Ignins, it's better to go out in a blaze of glory then tepidly smoulder through life. The following is an element overview from the Piddlypedia welcome circular given recruits at the commencement of their Appraisement Cycle.
  • Residence Description: Usually constructed in cliffside caves, volcanoes or crags
  • Estate Colors: Red and black
  • Symbol: 3 flames
  • Representative Animal: Dragon or phoenix
  • Original Denizens: Firebirds, banshees, incendiary djinn, phoenixes, dragons, salamanders
  • Sports & Recreation: Blasting and Blazing (see Sheffield’s Alternative Athletics & Other Disportations for description and details), Roast Chicken (which is played on Druthers Day at the academy), fire twirling, campfire dancing
  • Mascot: Fire salamander
  • Favored Foods: Molten chocolate lava cake, baked bombes, flamb├ęs, gummy dragons, alcohol
  • Musical Instruments of Choice: Percussion, rumbling drums, castanets
  • Mode of Communication: Smoke signals
  • Estate Brink: Fireplace
Ignins tend to make exceptional 
Fire Dancers
Diamond wholesalers
Burlesque dancers
S'mores makers

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Element of Surprise Parcel
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