HRu hule huli! I've placed you in Terris, the earth element. With the motto down to earth, Terris is the most congenial of the elements. Terrins tend to be family-oriented, loyal, enjoy hospitality, gardening, and homespun crafts. There are those who could be deemed 'pack rats' because of the amount of things they hold onto, cherishing the memory associated with each item. For Terrins, it's life is richer when surrounded by loved ones. 

The following is an element overview pulled from the pages of the Piddlypedia welcome circular given recruits at the commencement of their Appraisement Cycle.
  • Residence Description: Usually residing in garden holes and burrows; expect a preponderance of grass rugs and living herbal art
  • Estate Colors: Earth tones and bright floral hues
  • Symbol: Mountain or sunflower
  • Representative Animal: Badger or horse
  • Original Denizens: Faeries, trolls, centaurs, gnomes, mountain men (as in ambulatory mountains, not to be confused with male trappers)
  • Sports & Recreation: Field hockey, Bula (see Sheffield’s Alternative Athletics & Other Disportations for description and details)
  • Mascot: Gnome
  • Favored Foods: Fairy cakes and dirt pudding, any and all baked goods
  • Musical Instruments of Choice: Harp, strings
  • Mode of Communication: Large plant leaves are used as writing
    sheets and long-stemmed flowers with petal ink as implements.
    Historically, missives were delivered by snail mail, until the
    mollusks attempted to unionize. Fairies handle the urgent deliveries
  • Estate Brink: Boulder
Terrins tend to make exceptional 
Landscape architects
Wedding Planners
Lace makers

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