Those who matriculate at the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences undergo a vigorous multiday Appraisement Cycle designed to assess their interests and strengths to determine which of the ocademy's element domains will be the best fit for them during their tenure at school. As is detailed in Piddlypedia (the student welcome circular), each element has its own personality, customs, and traditions, and element bonding is taken seriously.

The 8-question assessments offered here are much simpler and less grueling with virtually no bloodshed. The straightforward no-frills automated version is regulated by an automaton. The more colorful interactive rabbit hole version is conducted by Rufus Sinjinn of the Madagascar Sinjinns. Until recently, Rufus was a genie in the service of Chip Davis, the Silicon Valley whiz kid who lost his life when he lost his inhaler, leaving Rufus trapped in this site. Rufus now serves aspiring students. Whichever path you select, we wish you merry results.

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